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Do you have damaged Garage concrete in need of Repair ?

Garage Strategies is skilled at assessing your concrete repairs and proving the correct solution.

We Offer,

  • Same Day Repairs and Diamond Grinding floor preparation
  • Our Repair Product works in harmony with our floor coating (many do not)
  • Our grinding equipment is high quality and maintained to ensure we are on schedule

We can repair both Spalled and pitted concrete before we apply the Floor Coating – ALL in one day!

Spalling concrete is generally caused from cold winter climates that subject the concrete to freeze thaw cycles. Water on the garage floor works its way into the concrete. When the water freezes, it expands and causes damage to the surrounding concrete. This constant damage weakens the surface and causes it to separate in thin layers, or crumble.

Pitting concrete is small holes in the concrete. This can be caused from improper finishing of the concrete, or old age. Water sitting in the holes then freezing, road salts and harsh chemicals contribute to the problem.

Give us a call today to install your Garage Floor Coating so you can enjoy your Protected, Gorgeous Garage Floor. Visit our store to see 5 full garages outfitted with product and great ideas.

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